Frauds of Evolution: The “Still Missing” Missing Link

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Perhaps one of the best known and effective illustrations when marketing the theory of evolution is a picture we’ve all seen, the picture of an ape on the left side of the drawing who—by the time you reach the right side of the drawing—has evolved into full human status.  This picture has been portrayed as fact in science books for decades to help support the teaching of molecules to ape to man evolution.

Along with this picture were examples, or missing links, that were presented as no longer missing.  These missing links were pushed as further evidence that man had indeed evolved from ape.  Let’s take a better look at some of these so-called missing links, some of which are even today used as evidence to bolster the theory of evolution.

1)     Java Man—Java man was dug up in 1891 by the Dutch scientist Eugene Dubois on an Indonesian Island.  He was dubbed “the missing link” by Dubois even though he was nothing more than a skullcap, a femur, three teeth, and a great deal of artistic imagination.

2)     Neanderthals— Neanderthals were once believed to be cave-dwelling brutes that were less than human status.  We often see him in cartoons grabbing his prospective Mrs. Neanderthal by her matted hair and dragging her to his home, which of course is a cave.  This less-than-human status was based on a slight difference in some of their bone structures, which may well have been caused by disease and lack of proper nutrition due to their harsh living environment.  Some evolutionists are even now admitting that they were as human as you and I.

3)     Piltdown Man—Piltdown Man was a deliberate hoax pawned off as proof of evolution for over 50 years.  Finally, when two scientists gained permission to examine his skeletal remains more closely, it was discovered that he was created from a piece of an ape’s jaw and the skull of a human, all artificially aged.  Why did it take over 50 years for this fraud to be discovered? And why was this missing link accepted as authentic without scrutiny?

4)     Nebraska Man—Nebraska Man, his wife, and his children were all created from one tooth and an enormous amount of imagination.  Talk about artistic creativity!  How could anyone draw an entire family of never-seen-before creatures from one tooth?  Yet that was Mr. Nebraska Man’s origin.  Finally, when someone got a hold of the tooth who knew what he was doing, he identified it as the tooth of an extinct pig.

5)     Lucy—Lucy was discovered by Louis Leakey’s team of excavators in 1959.  She is a grossly ape-like skeleton that is one of the most often cited examples of the missing link.  Leakey dubbed her the missing link, not because of any skeletal evidence proving she was part human and part ape, but because she was found with tools nearby.  He assumed those tools to belong to her.  His son, Richard Leakey, after his father’s death, returned to that same cave in hopes of expounding further upon his father’s discovery, but instead of adding clout to Lucy as the missing link, his further excavation dethroned her forever.  Beneath the spot where her skeletal remains were found years earlier, a human skeleton was discovered.  Obviously, the tools which had led to her being hailed as the missing link belonged to humans.

6)    Again, in 2009, evolutionists claimed to have finally discovered the missing link.  Her name was Ida.  According to one report Ida was the “latest and greatest” missing link ever discovered. When I first heard about this “latest and greatest missing link find,” I knew that Ida would one day fall from her throne; that she, too, would either be proven to be a complete fraud, a very creative artist’s predisposed idea, or nothing more than some type of extinct ape.  When we hear of findings like Ida, we’ve got to train ourselves to remember that historical science includes assumptions, and if the beginning assumptions are wrong then so is the conclusion.

Whenever historical science counters the teaching of God’s word, we can rest assured that something is wrong with the original assumptions that led to the false conclusion.  (Ida, just as so many suspected, fell from her throne very rapidly.  Her replacement, Ardi, followed soon after.)

In truth, fossil discoveries have been shattering standard beliefs in evolution with monotonous regularity.  Each in its day was hailed as ‘scientific proof’ that human beings evolved from apelike creatures, yet one by one these candidates were and are being knocked off the list. Yet evolutionists will never give up their search for the missing link or their belief in evolution. Why? Because if they do they will be admitting defeat, and to admit defeat would leave them with the only other feasible option for the origin of man…”In the beginning God created…”

For additional information on the frauds of evolution check out my Creation Versus Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Study found at

Slave Trafficking: Bangkok

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Mary Fordham 4:01 AM: “Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.”


After traveling for two straight days we arrived in Thailand around midnight on Thursday. We luckily made it to the residence we would be staying at before 1 a.m. I say luckily because stop signs, rode lines and other road laws are more of a suggestion than rules to be followed. The only rule in foreign driving appears to universally be—don’t get hit or hit another driver!

The streets of Bangkok are wild and alive at night…We burn during the day and freeze to death at night…Magical bug bites keep appearing all over my body and cause me to itch. I have no idea what is eating me, but I must be quite the delicious foreign delicacy because it keeps coming back for more. Oh the small joys in life! We have a shower too, although the spout is only about 4 feet off the ground!

I am thankful for the evil bed bugs, short showers, cold air and counting my blessings in general. That first night on the way to the apartment I saw so many women with little children just lying on the side of the road. They had little babies sleeping beside them out in the hot, dangerous and un-sheltered night. We are so lucky for our bed bugs.

The food is very interesting and usually great. I have eaten some very strange things. I can’t even tell you what they were. Yes, there were some bugs involved, but no roaches…I think.

In the mornings I teach a girl named Nim English. In the afternoons I go with the other girls to pool halls and play pool and build relationships with the girls. After that I will go every other night around 6 to a GoGo bar and meet and build relationships with the girls there. We will always return from the GoGo bars before 9:30 because that is when the young bucks arrive and things get wild. I cannot even express to you the things that happen here. It is tragic to say the least.

Buddhism has really hurt this country. It makes family ties strong in certain ways and yet makes daughters an easy and more willing sacrifice in another. Everything bad that happens to the girls, abuse and even gang rape, is just a matter of Carma. They earned it in another life and it is not considered abuse. Men beating women is considered a form of communication not abuse (actual words from a Thai woman). If they send enough money to their family through prostitution in this life, then they won’t have to live a life of degradation and shame in the next.

Sometimes it is their husbands and boyfriends who force them into prostitution as a second job for some extra cash. So they are trafficked and prostituted, sometimes willingly for their demanding families. It is their sacred duty. As I look at the sweet girls around me it is difficult to believe they came from the streets and years of abuse and shame.

On Sundays we go to the Thai church and pretend to pay attention to the pastor. (Please people, shed those judgmental eyes. It’s in Thai so I can’t understand a word of it. It sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown “Wa wa wa wa wa.”) I enjoyed making up my own praise songs to God and singing them to the rhythm of the Thai songs that were being sung. Some of the people probably thought I was singing Thai. It’s better than singing “Watermelon Watermelon” which I hear is the thing to do when you do not know the words of a song. I figured we were in church to praise God, so I was going to praise Him! It was great!

Slave Trafficking: What are we doing to our children?

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My daughter, Mary, traveled to Thailand two summers ago to share the gospel with young girls, boys, and women sold into the slave trafficking business. Part of her job was to go into the bars of the city and develop relationships with these victims and, as the opportunity arose, share the gospel with them in hopes of steering them toward a rescue house where they could brake free from the bonds that enslaved them. The following blog is the first of many that I will share with you, writings that tell of young lives destroyed in the name of religion (Buddhism) and, hopefully, rescued in the name of Christ.

Posted by Mary Fordham at 8:22 PM

First Thoughts

For those who know Christ, every day is a new beginning full of hope and light. The slate is wiped clean. The old has been washed away and they are a new and transformed creature.
No past condemns us nor holds us in shame. Christ sacrificed all that we would live in the hope, joy and love of His eternal freedom. Life is a brief journey upon which we walk. The light surrounds us, guiding our steps that we will not fall.

But what hope have those who know not the light and love of our beloved Lord? Groping in darkness and struggling in chaos they seek from the world that which it can never give them. They long for freedom and yet in their ignorance and shame embrace chains. Wondering, whether aimless or purposeful is still wondering. Hope does not avail her face to these poor lost souls.

We see them. We recognize the pain and longing in their hopeless expression, for these burdens were once our own. We cringe at the burdensome chains they so desperately cling to and dream to take these from them so they may taste astounding depths of freedom and for the first time truly live. But these burdens are not ours to take. We are called to lives of obedience, to walk with God as Enoch did- to know and love Him. Wherever God has placed us, whatever strength He has given us, whatever passion so brightly consumes us, this is our personal mission from Him. Yet, no greater element exists than to know and walk with our Lord in obedience, love and truth.

We are silver in the hands of the Master Craftsman. Unpurified, dross contaminates us destroying all value. But, lovingly the Master Craftsman holds us into the most severe part of the fire to purge us of all dross. If He holds us a second too long, we will perish in the flame. But if He relieves us of the furious fire too quickly we will never have value because of the impurities which plague us. Our value, our worth, all that we are is found in Him alone. When He is done purifying, bending, breaking, molding and shaping us, He will hold us up to the light and behold His own perfect and beautiful reflection, crisp and clear, from the finished craft.
We are called to be as He is, hope to the hopeless and light in the midst of the deepest darkness. Behold the radiant beauty of the stars which we are called to shine even more brightly than! Although distant and surrounded by complete and utter darkness, their light pierces the darkness and has guided man since the beginning.

Darkness flees from light; it cannot stand. No power of darkness can hold sway to the Light. If our lives would reveal His light and loving reflection in this dark and chaotic world, the darkness would tremble and fall before us. May our light shine so brightly as to guide those groping in darkness, encumbered by chains, so that our light will pierce their blindness and they may know our Lord and choose to leave behind the chains they so desperately cling to.

The ultimate goal of life is to know God and to glorify Him. Follow Him and His light will shine through you in such a way that not even the world will be able to deny His brilliant light. He is the only Hope of the world, the Light of Life.

Does the Bible Teach Evolution?

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As we saw in my last article on Creation Versus Evolution, evolutionists often deceptively twist the definitions of science in an attempt to prove their theory. Besides the definitions of operational and historical science being reversed, which we examined in the last article, they also distort the definition for the word evolution. There are two different types of evolution, and these two types are in no way equal. Microevolution, the first type, is accepted as good operational science by evolutionists and creationists alike. It refers to the small changes within a species caused by natural selection. The Bible actually supports this type of evolution. When Noah and his family left the ark after the global flood, at least two of every kind of animal left with them. Each of these kinds began breeding within their kind, and as the decades passed variety among each kind developed. For example, the genetic makeup for the vast variety of dog breeds that we see in our world today was all contained within the original two dogs Noah rescued aboard the ark. After leaving the ark, these two dogs began populating. Their descendants eventually migrated to different areas of the globe, causing their breeding pools to grow smaller and more select. As the generations passed, their descendants began to lose the broader amount of genetic information contained in the original dogs who populated that area. This smaller breeding pool caused certain unique features to become more and more pronounced. For instance, in the climates where cold weather reigned the dogs with thicker fur flourished while the short haired dogs vanished. In this manner, size, color, length of hair, thickness of hair, color of eyes, face shape, body shape—every aspect of the original two dogs—micro evolved into the vast collection of breeds present today. This is variation within a species, or microevolution.

What the Bible does not teach, and what has never been proven by science, is the second type of evolution—macroevolution. Macroevolution involves the idea that all organisms on earth share one common ancestor by descent with modification. It is not the amount of change that separates macroevolution from microevolution, but its type and direction. While microevolution involves a loss of genetic information (smaller genetic pool) which causes variation within a species, macroevolution involves an addition to that information—addition that comes from nowhere. This is what has never been proven! There is no scientific evidence that additional information has ever been added into a species from nowhere. For a solely short hair breed to regain its long hair, it must mix with a breed that still contains the genetic information for long hair. The genetic information for long hair doesn’t create itself, which is what macroevolution teaches and is completely contrary to science.

This is where Darwin’s Tree of Life falls on its face. It intertwines the definitions of microevolution and macroevolution as though they were one and the same. Regretfully, evolutionists today still continue this same deceptive practice. They use microevolution examples (changes within a species) to argue macroevolution (billions of bits of new genetic information added from nowhere) in the molecules-to-man sense. Yet according to true science, variation within a species or kind cannot be used as evidence that all kinds evolved from one common ancestor. To the regret of many young girls, no matter how many millennium you tack onto the equation, a frog will never become a prince.

“The laws of statistics show that favorable mutations are so improbable that they will most likely never even happen once in twenty billion years, let alone happen millions of times. The laws of science absolutely preclude evolution, pointing towards degradation of life’s complex systems, and not toward evolutionary integration” (The Young Earth Theory, John D. Morris, PH.D. pg. 41).

For more material on Creation Versus Evolution visit RockLan Publications online.

God’s Providential Care: A Gift for all Ages

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Paul Harvey, in his book More of Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story, tells of a time when God’s providential care was clearly seen in the lives of the eighteen choir members of West Side Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska. It was March 1, 1950, and their practice should have started at 7:30 on the nose, yet it didn’t because every single member, for one reason or another, was running late. Their excuses included oversleeping, difficult homework, car trouble, cold weather, child care issues, and the inaccuracy of a wristwatch which was always accurate. All eighteen members had just as valid of an excuse as these, and yet “never before nor since had each and every choir member of West Side Baptist Church been late for choir practice on the same evening.”

That evening, at the exact time when their practice should have begun, a natural-gas leak–surfacing in the basement of the church–was ignited by an old furnace. The following explosion demolished the entire building. That old furnace, the igniter of this bomb, was located directly below the empty choir loft. Accident? Perhaps according to this world’s manner of thinking, but not according to the teachings of the Bible.

Just as with the members of this choir, God’s promise to us, his children, is his protective care. Today, on 9/11, we can be thankful to know that God has legions of angels under his charge, and if He chooses to protect us supernaturally, then all the demons of hell must flee…terrorists included! In 1950, God chose to protect the choir members of West Side Baptist Church; on September 11, He allowed the Twin Towers to fall. The key here, to both instances, is the sovereignty of God. In His sovereignty, God chose to protect one but not the other. This is a concept many Christians today seem to ignore. They believe and teach that nothing bad can ever happen to a dedicated Christian, yet that’s not biblically accurate…as seen in the life of Job. There were many Christians who lost their lives when the Twin Towers fell, and they died, not because of their own wickedness, but because of the wickedness of evil terrorists. Could God have prevented those towers from falling? Absolutely! Yet for some reason, a reason we may never understand on this side of Heaven, He chose not to intervene. Remember, God thinks in terms of eternity, we don’t!!!

Creation Versus Evolution: When Faith Meets Fiction

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Based on current research, at least 70% of teenagers raised in church claim they will walk away as soon as possible. Why? Why are we losing so many of our youth? I believe the answer lies in our society teaching evolution as scientific fact. From the time our children are very young, they hear this theory being pushed through animal documentaries, movies, and even cartoons. Our media has utterly engulfed our culture in this worldly teaching. That’s why we, as teachers of the truth, must give them the necessary ammunition to counter this philosophy, not only so they can witness it to their friends, but so they can stand firm in their own faith.

How does the world try to indoctrinate our youth? It teaches them that evolution is science not religion, that it has been proven by scientific finds such as fossils and dating methods, and that only “ignorant and unlearned” people still believe in a God who created. At the same time, our youth have studied in Genesis 1 that God spoke the entire universe into existence in merely six days. Students are taught that one is science, but the other must be accepted by faith alone.

Have you ever heard someone say, “But we’re Bible believing Christians, why should we study a theory that counters the Scriptures?” If we are to prepare our youth for that charismatic, atheist professor who thrives on ripping all faith away, we must study this theory. What commander ever goes to war without having studied his opponent? And don’t kid yourself; creation and evolution are at war. G. Richard Bozarth, in the American Atheist (Feb. 1978, pp. 19, 30) wrote, “Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the sorry remains of the son of god…If Jesus was not the redeemer who died for our sins, and this is what evolution means, then Christianity is nothing!” Even an atheist can understand that if Adam and Eve were the product of millions of years of death, disease and violence (evolution at its finest), then they were not the founders of death due to their sin as the Bible teaches. You can’t have it both ways!

We are indeed at war! And like the commander of an army, we need to know our enemy. Paul stated in 2 Timothy 2:15 that we should always be able to give an account for what we believe. Time and time again, I’ve heard the sad stories of individuals who were raised to believe in God, yet because the adult Christians around them were unable to answer simple questions in defense of the Christian faith, they were swayed to believe the teachings of evolutionists and eventually slipped out the back doors of the church a proclaimed atheist.

But is evolution true science? Before answering that we must understand that there are two types of science; operational and historical. Operational science must be observable with one or more of our five senses or experimentally repeatable so that it can be tested and potentially falsifiable. Historical science is very different. It involves interpreting evidence from the past, and when you recognize that everyone has presupposed philosophical ideas that bias their interpretations, it helps you to understand that historical science is not on the same playing field as operational science. In other words, neither creation nor evolution fit into the observable science category; therefore they are both historical science and include speculation, personal bias, assumptions, and evidence collected.

Our youth also need to be aware of the fact that operational science actually defies Darwin’s theory in a multitude of ways. For example, the law of biogenesis states that life always comes from life, or in reverse wording, life never comes from nonlife. The second part of this law is mutation to transmutation. This means that any time there is a mutation in nature, it is always due to a loss of genetic information, never an addition. Since evolution’s very foundation depends on life emerging from nonlife, and billions of years of natural mutations caused by unbelievable amounts of added genetic information, it is contrary to true science.

Now let’s return to my original question, “Why are we losing so many of our youth?” Evolutionists ignore these laws and definitions of science and deceptively teach our youth that evolution is true science and the creation story merely religion, and by doing so they successfully entangle Satan’s lies with the scientific truth. It is no wonder that so many of our youth, who are certainly intelligent enough to realize the biblical creation story and evolution don’t mix, end up leaving the church forever. After all, if the very first five words of the Bible, “In the beginning God created . . .” aren’t true, why should they trust its message of salvation?

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