God’s Blessings On Us

We had a certain amount of money to buy a new vehicle. I found exactly what I wanted a couple weeks ago. It was too good to be true, and certainly wouldn’t last long at the price it was listed. It was a 2010 Impala with 37,000 miles on it. We did not have the money at that time, and it was certain to be gone by the time we did. I just prayed, “Lord, if that’s my vehicle then I know it won’t sell.”

Eighteen days later, even in the midst of everyone buying new/used vehicles because of baseball-sized hail destroying many vehicles, it was still available. Because 18 days had passed, they accepted 1200.00 less than their listing price, which was exactly what we had. So I’m now driving a beautiful, very nicely kept 2010 Impala.

The Lord provides for his own.