Hidden In My Heart

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“As the story unfolds, Wilma flashes back to events in Carrie’s earlier life, as well as her own, that have prepared them for this great day. She takes encouragement from the words of the Psalmist, “But I will hope continually and will yet praise thee more and more.” RockieSue Fordham

“This is a story that needs to be told and deserves to be read . . . The reader walks with Wilma . . ., exults with her . . ., stands with her . . ., and weeps with her. We need to wait until evening to see how splendid the day has been. The message of the book loudly claims that when the day is over the trip will have been a good one.” Jack Taylor, Demensions Ministries

Two Great Men

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Two babies, both destined to be great by worldly standards, were born that day.  It was February 12, 1809.  One was born into poverty, the other into wealth; one into a family of lowly status, the other into society’s elite; one into true faith in the Creator, one into pretense of faith.  These two babies would grow into men separated by far more than the vast distance between their continents; they would be separated by the enormity of their differing world views.

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One would become such a man of faith that his knees would callus from bending in prayer to his Maker; the other would devise a theory to sway millions away from the Creator.  The man with callused knees would lead a nation with the concept of equality to all men and would push hard for that belief; the other, although himself against slavery, would popularize a world view that would enslave multitudes and cause the deaths of millions.  While one wrote a proclamation declaring equality for all men, the other wrote a book titled On the Origin of Species, with the subtitle of The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  As one was fighting a war to free men of “dark skin” from slavery, the other called those with dark skin “degraded,” and declared he would rather have descended from a monkey than such a “savage.”  The first man would give his life to reunite a divided nation; the other would cause division not only in his own country, but also in all countries for centuries to come.

Two hundred years have now passed since the renowned day of their births. While the first man, President Abraham Lincoln, is celebrated as the leader who led a nation to abolish slavery because “all men are created equal”, the second man, Charles Darwin, is celebrated as the man who abolished the need for a Creator.

Ideas are not without consequences!   Abraham Lincoln’s ideas led to free men from slavery, while Darwin’s assumption that men evolved by random chance led Josef Stalin, a mass murderer of multitudes, to become an atheist as a young man while reading Darin’s works in seminary. Darwin’s ideas inspired Karl Marx, who offered to dedicate his book Das Kapital to Darwin, to state that Darwin’s theory “contains the basis in natural history for our view . . .”; and it influenced Hitler, a devout evolutionist who instructed his troops in evolution by providing them books by Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche, to the idea of inferior races and thus the slaughter of millions in an effort to speed the evolutionary process.  These Darwinian enthusiasts, some of the world’s most notorious and depraved leaders, along with Mao, Pol Pot, and other communist leaders, have murdered close to 100 million people, and all compliments of a theory which lessened the value of human life to an accident of random chance, thus no greater than that of any animal¹.

These two men, President Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, great by worldly standards, left two vastly differing legacies.  How is it that the first, Abraham Lincoln, is briefly mentioned in many public classroom settings, while the other, Charles Darwin, a racist man who promoted racist ideas that led to and justified horrific, mass genocide, is frequently praised for “opening the minds of many”?

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¹Tom DeRosa, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit (Florida: Coral Ridge Ministries, 2006).
²Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, A Patriot’s History of the United States (Penguin Group, New York 2004).

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The Mask

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There are moments in life when time stands still; when the colorful horizon fails to spread its fingers across the dark sky and the dreary blackness creeps ever closer threatening our weary souls. It is in these times of darkness, chaos and pain we are either forever broken or through the tremendous fire we are reformed and built up stronger and wiser than before. These are the fires that test the heart of man, proving his character or devouring his soul.

Trials fill life. Every day is a blessing and a challenge, a new beginning and a new ending. Every day our true colors are revealed through our thoughts, words and deeds. No mask can forever hide the character of man, it only momentarily shields the colors slowly leaking through to eager eyes.

No one can hide from God. This is why the world tries so hard to forget and deny Him, for He sees us as we are and there is nothing we can do to stop His searching and knowing eyes. It is impossible for the world to forget God because He is our Father and we are made in His image. His mark is over all creation, especially man, His crowning glory.

I wish for Him not to see me as I am, but as I would be. It is no wonder the world lives as it does and then desires to hide such shame from its Father.

What an honor that He sees beyond my mask, beyond all darkness and pain and loves me as I am. What glory that He overlooks my iniquities because of the crimson blood covering my shame.

Tonight does Time stand still? No, she is only an illusion and I am in the embrace of my Lord. His light surrounds me in this darkness as His strong arms guide me. The reasons for trials, pain, and these weary struggles I may never know. The fruit of this labor I may never see. The results I may never comprehend or imagine, but one thing I do know: His promises are true and to His Word I cling this day and every day. If I stand, I stand before my Lord and if I fall, I fall to my knees before His throne. Before Him I do not have to hide and could not even if I so desired.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are “Prehistoric” Dates Absolute?

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Many people believe that the existence of dinosaurs is a problem for Bible believing creationists, but that’s only because they don’t realize the dating of dinosaurs is within the realm of historical science—meaning it is based upon man’s opinions and biases and not provable, operational science.

For example, Dr. John D. Morris in his book The Young Earth, gives an excellent illustration of the method many scientists use to date rocks and fossils.  He uses the classroom setting where a student brings a sedimentary rock (limestone) containing a fossil to his professor and requests the professor date it.  The professor indicates that it is entirely possible to date this specific rock because of a fossil that is preserved in it.  He then goes over and picks up a huge invertebrate paleontology book, locates the fossil in the book that closest resembles the fossil in the rock and proceeds to give the rock a date—640 million years.  Did he use some extremely accurate scientific method or experiment to arrive at this date?  No, he didn’t.  Actually, he didn’t date the rock at all.  He dated the fossil, and he dated the fossil by the chart contained in the invertebrate paleontology text.  So the question to ask is, “Where did the author of the paleontology book get this prehistoric date of 640 million years for that specific fossil that dated the rock?”  The answer: Darwin’s theory.  The invertebrate paleontology text, which was written using Darwin’s theory, is considered the expert source in dating the fossil.  Then the fossil dates the rock, which is then used to “prove” Darwin’s theory true (Morris 13).

Do you see the circular reasoning here?  Any time you start with a specific theory as being true, and then date an object according to that theory, the date obtained would have to fit into the framework of that theory.  There’s no other option.  You guaranteed the outcome before you ever started by using that specific theory.

Now let’s suppose that the rock was organic material instead of sedimentary.  How would the professor date a piece of organic material such as hardened lava?  In today’s laboratory organic material is dated by measuring the ratios of radioactive isotopes in the rocks.  Once known, these ratios can be plugged into a set of mathematical equations which will supposedly give the absolute age of that material.  The problem is, if you date the organic material with all four of the current methods (uranium-lead method, potassium-argon method, rubidium-strontium model test, samarium-neodymium test), you will likely come back with four extremely different ages.  The results of these four tests can vary by hundreds of millions of years.  So which of the four ages is the absolute age?  It will depend upon where the rock was dug up and what fossils were found nearby.  If there are any fossils found near it, once again the invertebrate paleontology book (Darwin’s theory) is used to date that fossil.  The organic test that fits the closest to the date recorded in the paleontology text is called the absolute age.  The other three test results are thrown out due to “some kind of unknown contamination.” So how do we know the fourth test was not also contaminated?

“But what about carbon-14 dating?” you ask. Isn’t that a proven method of dating historical objects? Dr. John Morris also tells the story of once talking with a famous archeologist from the University of Pennsylvania who had discovered an ancient tomb with wooden timbers in the country of Turkey.  When Morris asked if he had sent some timber samples off for dating through the carbon-14 method, he was shocked by his reply.  The famous archeologist said of course, but then claimed he would “never believe anything that came back from a carbon-14 lab.  Nor was he aware of any archeologist in the world who would accept such dates.  If the date happened to agree with what he knew was historically accurate, then the data would be published; if not, it would be ignored.  He was obliged to carbon-date artifacts to keep his grant money coming in, and so he always did, but he did not trust the method or its results” (Morris 65).

In both instances, with the sedimentary and organic rock, it was a theory that gave the supposed absolute age of the object or seriously flawed testing methods. Therefore, the dating of these great creatures by no means fits into the realm of true, operational, testable science, and by placing them into their proper setting (historical science) there is no longer a problem between the Bible, early man and dinosaurs.

Unknown—Slave Trafficking Blog from Thailand

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I do not know where you are from, nor do I understand the language you speak. I do not know who has loved you or failed to love you in this brief life. What has brought you here to this place, this lifestyle, I will never know just as I will never know the depth of the unspoken wounds hidden deep within your broken and pining heart.

From across the world I came to tell you of the greatest love man has ever known, but my language is foreign to you just as I am foreign to you. What tomorrow holds for us I cannot say. What today brings who can tell?

All I do know is that God has blessed me with this one brief moment to share His unconditional love with you despite the past and regardless of the future. God is love and love transcends all boundaries and barriers.

So day by day we sit, hand-in-hand, watching the seconds turn to minutes, the minutes to days and the days to weeks. Maybe someday, someone will be able to tell you Who sent me and about the great love that called me to cross oceans to sit beside you, to accept you as you are and love you without cause or judgment. Maybe one day you will know the freedom in which I live and the graceful love that gave it to me. Until that day, I leave you in the Hands of my Lord and I love you because He first loved me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Posted by Mary Fordham at 8:03 AM

“You’ll Know Her When You See Her”

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When I first began attending a small local college, I heard stories of a huge woman who was the product of a sex-change surgery, but as the months passed without so much as a glimpse of her, even though she supposedly spent much time on campus, I began to wonder if she was one of those stories for incoming freshman only. Yet any time I questioned her existence, regardless of to whom I was speaking, I was always assured that she was very real and was simply told, “You’ll know her when you see her.” How true that statement proved to be, for the very first moment my eyes rested upon her face, which happened to be at my first musical recital, I knew it was her. My nerves were already tied up in knots, but now, to see this football player sized woman dressed up in an evening gown, shook the very foundation of all I considered decent. All I remember of that night was praying, “Lord, please get me through this!”

Two weeks later, as I sat at a stop light in the historic downtown area, I was once again privileged to see her—and what a sight she was to behold. This time she was strutting along the sidewalk wearing red-hot mini shorts, a red-hot summer shirt, red-hot knee high socks, red-hot high-heeled shoes, a red-hot hat, and had a red-hot purse draped over her brawny football player shoulder. I was appalled. Who in their right mind would ever wear such a ridiculous outfit?

That’s when that “still, small voice” began speaking to my spirit. My eyes drifted toward the scattered groups of people standing nearby. Some of them gawked at her openly, while others burst into hysterical laughter while pointing without shame. Several men made obviously snide remarks or filthy innuendoes, while others, me included, silently took it all in. I suddenly realized that her presence probably evoked this same kind of reaction no matter where she went. My heart ached. What kind of upbringing would push a person to do such an extreme thing to their own body?

The traffic light turned green and I proceeded slowly forward, although my mind stayed fixed on her. I recalled the laughter centered on her after that first night of recitals and guilt flooded in. Why had I been so cruel? At one time this individual had been somebody’s baby . . . somebody’s son. He had likes, dislikes, dreams, emotions, and feelings the same as the rest of us; but most importantly he was a deeply hurting soul whom Jesus came to save.

Realizing my behavior toward her wasn’t all that different from those who didn’t claim to be Christians, I felt ashamed. Why had I marred my Christian testimony by not loving my neighbor as myself? No, I hadn’t laughed in her presence; yet I was still guilty. I was guilty of judging and criticizing a hurting soul; and most of all, I was guilty of not praying for her salvation.

Yes, the Bible teaches that the lifestyle she was living was wicked, yet Jesus gave his life so that she could be forgiven. And what had I done? I had acted as though she were a freak—a freak too wicked to ever come to Christ. In John chapter eight when the woman caught in the “very act of adultery” was brought to Jesus, He protected her from the religious, self-righteous hypocrites. He forgave her, but then said, “Go and sin no more.” More than anything else . . . hurting people need Jesus.

Where Did All the Dinosaurs Go?

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In the past half century numerous dinosaur graveyards have been discovered, some containing tens of thousands of skeletal remains. This indeed raises the question of what could possibly have happened to cause these—sometimes enormously huge creatures—to all die out in a manner that caused their skeletal remains to fossilize. Suggestions such as meteorites, volcanoes, disease, local floods, and even constipation have been offered to answer the “die out” question; but these suggestions only pose a greater problem. If an animal dies under normal circumstances its remains are eaten by other animals and insects and within a few weeks there is often no evidence that the animal ever existed. In some cases the skeletal remains might remain a bit longer, yet still eventually it does decay and turn to dust. What then could have caused millions of dinosaurs all over the world to perish around the same time and in a means conducive to causing their skeletal remains to fossilize?

Scientists, while studying these skeletal remains, have discovered much evidence to indicate that these great creatures were buried alive by rapidly flowing flood waters. Actually, that is the one common thread between all of these massive dinosaur graveyards—destruction by (or possible destructions by) catastrophic flood waters. Sound familiar? It should. Since dinosaurs were land animals they would have been created on the sixth day of creation, and all but two of each kind would have perished during the great deluge of Noah’s day. It’s also interesting to note that many evolutionists do explain these large dinosaur graveyards as having been created by a flood, although they are always quick to include qualifying words such as seasonal, flash, or regional, lest their readers mistakenly assume they believe in the great biblical deluge. So which is easier for you to believe, that a series of flash floods simultaneously occurred all over the world, all so strong that they buried tens of thousands of enormously huge creatures, and rather than fleeing to higher ground (which should have been available since these were just regional floods) they remained in that area to drown, or that Noah’s great global deluge is history just as the Bible teaches?

So what evidence is there that these great creatures perished in mighty flood waters? Probably the largest bone-bed in the world is located in Montana where it is estimated that 10,000 duckbill dinosaurs are entombed. Their bones are disjointed, severed, and even split lengthwise, and they are positioned from the east to the west. Many are standing upright, indicating they were involved in some type of debris flow. No mud slide or mere local flood could have produced enough force to take these two to three-ton animals and smash them around with so much force that their bones—still embedded in their flesh—split lengthwise. Also, we have discovered a female Ichthyosaur dinosaur fossilized in the very act of giving birth, and two other dinosaurs, a Velociraptor and Protoceratops, buried in a manner that appears they were fighting. Perhaps they were fighting when they were buried, or perhaps the flood waters placed them into those positions so that it merely appears that way.

It’s also interesting to note that no baby dinosaurs or young juveniles have been found. If these enormous creatures demise was due to a catastrophic global flood, their young would not have been able to keep up with them as they fled to higher ground. Therefore, you would expect to find exactly what has been found, no young juveniles or babies among these burial grounds.

Finally, scientifically speaking, could a global flood like that of Noah’s day actually bury these enormous creatures this quickly? Absolutely! “Catastrophic burial in sandy flood sediment can be so immediate that an animal could be completely immobilized and buried before it had much chance to react” (www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/v1/n1/two-fighting-dinosaurs).