A Dangerous Mistake

Beetle 2When the cooler temperature of evening approaches near the mountains, beetles scurry from beneath every rock and cranny. While taking my evening walks, I kill as many of these garden-eating pests as possible, although I must admit I would not be able to accomplish this task nearly so well if it weren’t for my dog who walks with me. These beetles see our dog and freeze from fear, even though he is not the enemy, I am. Out of fear they lower their heads to the ground and raise their rear ends into the air in a defensive motion. Champ walks right on past, never giving them a second thought, but I don’t.

I have been amused at these beetles’ behavior for years, but only today did I relate it to the life of so many modern Christians. We fear those who twist the truth of God’s Word and call us mean and bigoted, yet those people are not the true enemy. Christians need to understand that it is Satan who has blinded the unbeliever’s eyes, causing them to believe they are on the side of right and Bible-believing Christians on the side of wrong. We must recognize that it is Satan, the originator and father of lies, who is the true enemy.

Do not hesitate to share God’s Word of salvation or present the truths found in the Scripture because they oppose what our culture calls politically correct? Our culture is not the ultimate enemy, nor are they the Ultimate Judge. Our God, the Creator of the universe, is the establisher of right and wrong. He is the Author of truth, the Person who will one day sit on the throne of judgment, and it is He who has commanded us to go and teach the message of salvation and present the truth of His Word to a lost and dying world.