Frauds of Evolution: The “Still Missing” Missing Link

JacobEnos / Foter / CC BY

Perhaps one of the best known and effective illustrations when marketing the theory of evolution is a picture we’ve all seen, the picture of an ape on the left side of the drawing who—by the time you reach the right side of the drawing—has evolved into full human status.  This picture has been portrayed as fact in science books for decades to help support the teaching of molecules to ape to man evolution.

Along with this picture were examples, or missing links, that were presented as no longer missing.  These missing links were pushed as further evidence that man had indeed evolved from ape.  Let’s take a better look at some of these so-called missing links, some of which are even today used as evidence to bolster the theory of evolution.

1)     Java Man—Java man was dug up in 1891 by the Dutch scientist Eugene Dubois on an Indonesian Island.  He was dubbed “the missing link” by Dubois even though he was nothing more than a skullcap, a femur, three teeth, and a great deal of artistic imagination.

2)     Neanderthals— Neanderthals were once believed to be cave-dwelling brutes that were less than human status.  We often see him in cartoons grabbing his prospective Mrs. Neanderthal by her matted hair and dragging her to his home, which of course is a cave.  This less-than-human status was based on a slight difference in some of their bone structures, which may well have been caused by disease and lack of proper nutrition due to their harsh living environment.  Some evolutionists are even now admitting that they were as human as you and I.

3)     Piltdown Man—Piltdown Man was a deliberate hoax pawned off as proof of evolution for over 50 years.  Finally, when two scientists gained permission to examine his skeletal remains more closely, it was discovered that he was created from a piece of an ape’s jaw and the skull of a human, all artificially aged.  Why did it take over 50 years for this fraud to be discovered? And why was this missing link accepted as authentic without scrutiny?

4)     Nebraska Man—Nebraska Man, his wife, and his children were all created from one tooth and an enormous amount of imagination.  Talk about artistic creativity!  How could anyone draw an entire family of never-seen-before creatures from one tooth?  Yet that was Mr. Nebraska Man’s origin.  Finally, when someone got a hold of the tooth who knew what he was doing, he identified it as the tooth of an extinct pig.

5)     Lucy—Lucy was discovered by Louis Leakey’s team of excavators in 1959.  She is a grossly ape-like skeleton that is one of the most often cited examples of the missing link.  Leakey dubbed her the missing link, not because of any skeletal evidence proving she was part human and part ape, but because she was found with tools nearby.  He assumed those tools to belong to her.  His son, Richard Leakey, after his father’s death, returned to that same cave in hopes of expounding further upon his father’s discovery, but instead of adding clout to Lucy as the missing link, his further excavation dethroned her forever.  Beneath the spot where her skeletal remains were found years earlier, a human skeleton was discovered.  Obviously, the tools which had led to her being hailed as the missing link belonged to humans.

6)    Again, in 2009, evolutionists claimed to have finally discovered the missing link.  Her name was Ida.  According to one report Ida was the “latest and greatest” missing link ever discovered. When I first heard about this “latest and greatest missing link find,” I knew that Ida would one day fall from her throne; that she, too, would either be proven to be a complete fraud, a very creative artist’s predisposed idea, or nothing more than some type of extinct ape.  When we hear of findings like Ida, we’ve got to train ourselves to remember that historical science includes assumptions, and if the beginning assumptions are wrong then so is the conclusion.

Whenever historical science counters the teaching of God’s word, we can rest assured that something is wrong with the original assumptions that led to the false conclusion.  (Ida, just as so many suspected, fell from her throne very rapidly.  Her replacement, Ardi, followed soon after.)

In truth, fossil discoveries have been shattering standard beliefs in evolution with monotonous regularity.  Each in its day was hailed as ‘scientific proof’ that human beings evolved from apelike creatures, yet one by one these candidates were and are being knocked off the list. Yet evolutionists will never give up their search for the missing link or their belief in evolution. Why? Because if they do they will be admitting defeat, and to admit defeat would leave them with the only other feasible option for the origin of man…”In the beginning God created…”

For additional information on the frauds of evolution check out my Creation Versus Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Study found at


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