Uncertain Times

Sean MacEntee / Foter / CC BY

We live in dangerous and uncertain times. We are being consistently told that terrorist attacks will soon hit the United States on a more frequent basis. Many years ago Evangelist Billy Graham made this statement, “Get into the Word of God deeply, for we are facing difficult times.” It certainly seems his prediction has come true, but those who study God’s Word knew his prediction was accurate because the Bible teaches the same thing. Second Timothy 3:12 tells us, “all that will live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

Today, terrorists are calling us infidels and using that for an excuse for murder, but who does the Bible teach are the real infidels? Jesus made it clear that those who know the Father will also know Him. John 18:37 states, “Everyone that is of the truth hears my voice.” John 16:2 says, “. . . the time will come that whosoever kills you will think he is doing God’s service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.” According to the Bible, those who do not know Christ do not know the Father. Therefore, they are the true infidels—unbelievers.

If you watch the news you know that Christians are being attacked all over the world and in a variety of manners. Christian martyrdom is on the rise. One example, consider what is currently happening in Iraq. Christians, by the tens of thousands, are being tortured and killed for refusing to deny their faith. The devil has certainly stepped up his mission of hurting us, but thank God the story doesn’t end there. I love John 16:33 which reads, “Be of Good cheer. I have overcome the world.” In spite of all the devil’s tricks and efforts to destroy believers, we can rest safely in the arms of Christ. As in the story of Job, the devil has to gain God’s permission before he can do anything to a true believer. We are safe in God’s care. So rejoice, God is in charge of the world, and He is still in charge of our lives. Even if they kill us, all they have done is set our spirit free to be with Jesus forever. To God be the glory!  (By Wilma Daffern, author of Hidden in my Heart)

“Why Not You?” Encouragement that Counts

gnomeFootball season is here again! I love football season, not because I love football, but because it brings back sweet memories from years past. As my children were growing—three sons and a daughter—we would all gather in the living room to watch the games. My heart would smile as I watched my husband and children jump and scream at the television set as though they were compelling the players to do better. They developed silly antics that were supposed to assist the players. When those antics failed, oh well, but when the players did well, my family would comically take the credit.

Now, living in Colorado, we are Bronco fans. We even placed a gnome—a Christmas gift whom we named Denver—dressed in a Bronco’s uniform in our living room to help us cheer. (A gnome is a fabled race of dwarflike creatures living in the earth guarding treasures.) You can imagine how excited we were last year when the Broncos went to the Super Bowl, although that excitement quickly nulled when we were cremated by the Seahawks. After that dreadful game, I saw a special on Russell Wilson, their quarterback who is also a dedicated Christian. According to worldly thinking he was apparently too small to be a NFL quarterback, but thankfully, he ignored the world’s point of view. Russell Wilson mentioned in the interview that when his stature or abilities were in question, his father would always say, “Why not you?” That “Why not you?” was drilled into his thinking until he refused to accept the premise of failure.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all parents and leaders taught their children or those under their authority, “Why not you?” Oh, that more people could be like Russell’s father! Encourage others, yourself included, to accomplish great tasks. Don’t let negativity be a part of your mindset. With God at your side, “Why not you?”

*Incidentally, Denver the gnome was banished to the corner until the Broncos won their first preseason game of 2014, which happened to be against the Seahawks.