Darwin’s Trail of Tears

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Avid evolutionists recently celebrated the 200th birthday of their hero, Charles Darwin, in a manner that promoted his theory as true science. Major museums assisted in this propaganda by displaying Darwinian exhibits that presented evolution as proven fact and praised Darwin for opening the minds of many. Regretfully, they were right in one of these two areas; Darwin did open the minds of many, but what they failed to mention is the trail of tears this legacy left.

Darwin was born into a religious family in the year 1809, yet he was never a true believer. His family attended the Unitarian Church of England, a church whose beliefs had long rejected the authority of God’s Word and essential Christian doctrines such as the deity of Christ, the Trinity, and the fall of man.

This was the false religion Darwin grew up in, and with a lack of genuine faith in his Creator he had no foundation upon which to stand when his young daughter succumbed to the terrible disease of tuberculosis (supposed diagnosis). Having no true relationship with God, and in bitterness of heart, he replaced his Creator and false religion with a new religion, natural selection, thus devising a theory that would become a magnet for those who wished to abandon belief in God. Although Darwin’s abandonment of the Creator doesn’t appear to have been with the desire of “now I can do what I want without consequence,” many have latched on to his theory for that precise reason. After all, natural selection did away with the need for God, and without a God to answer to for your actions, you can do anything you desire; without a God to set the criteria of right and wrong, you can create your own.

That’s what is so dangerous about the theory of “man being a byproduct of random chance.” It does away with God. Thus, it gives a justified foundation for men to create their own standards, and if their newly-devised standards include the murder of 13 or the murder of millions, who are we—a mere product of random chance—to declare them wrong? Thus the dilemma: without an Ultimate Authority (God) who sets the criteria, what makes one man’s ideas superior or more acceptable than another’s?

Yes, beliefs do matter. If a person believes he is nothing more than the byproduct of chance events brought about by random mutations in a pool of primordial slime, he will pattern his life accordingly. His decisions and actions will stem from that belief. A perfect example of this is the Columbine killers. Not many people know that on April 20th, chosen in honor of Hitler’s birthday, one of the two men responsible for this murderous rampage chose to wear a T-shirt that read “Natural Selection”. Authorities later discovered these two young men had created their own website greatly dedicated to evolution. They believed that killing people was nothing more than “scattering molecules” and practicing “survival of the fittest”. Their minds were open to Darwin’s teachings.

Why Are You Here?


“Why are you here?!” I asked a couple of my troublemakers Friday.
“Fair question,” I thought to myself.
My expectation was that I would get the “right” answer – “to learn,” but of course the little stinkers gave me the real answer on their minds.
One said, “‘Cause they make me.”
Another said, “To eat and talk to my friends.”
Leave it to a teenager to be a smart alec. I guess I had it coming. Ask a stupid question…
Of course, I know teenagers, so I was ready with an answer when one of the little goobers asked me, “Why are you here?”
“Because you need me, that’s why I’m here,” I answered.
“Why ARE you here?!” I thought to myself.
I mean, I could be standing in a factory putting my one nut on that one important bolt over and over. That’s an important job. Why go through the stress of this job?
Of course, His still, small voice echoed what I said,”Because they need you.”

It’s a fair question to ask yourself, especially if you’re a Christian. Not because you don’t know the answer, but as a reminder. They need us.

That also got me pondering Jesus leaving His throne to walk with us in the flesh. He came simply because I needed Him. He’s here through the Holy Spirit to be here because we need Him. I’m always both perplexed and humbled by that thought.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10 NIV

Enjoy your full life today!

Guest Author: Rebecka Michael

Isn’t Pink a Color?

Pink! Pink! Pink!” he screamed as he sat on the stairs leading to the old church basement. I froze, stuck on the stairs above him as a set of foul words flew from his mouth. This was my introduction to Tony. I had taught Good News Clubs and children’s church for years, but this experience was certainly a first. I stopped and prayed, “Lord, show me how to handle this.” I immediately thought of an experience the minister David Wilkerson shared in one of his books.

While working with inner city youth, David had been threatened by Nicky Cruz—leader of the New York City Mau-Mau gang. David was preaching in Nicky’s neighborhood when he encountered the gang leader. Nicky slapped him, and then threatened to kill him with a knife. David responded by saying, “Yes, you could; and you could cut me into a thousand little pieces and spread me all over the street, but every piece would still love you.” The fact that I thought of this story immediately after praying for God’s guidance was my answer. God was telling me to simply love him.

I continued down the stairs, stopping just above where he sat. “Hi. What’s your name?” I asked. Instead of answering me, he shouted, “Pink…pink…pink.” Then he screamed, “I don’t have to tell you my name!” “No, you don’t,” I responded, “but I want you to know that God loves you and so do I…and we both want to help you.” Somehow I got past him, which was an actual physical challenge because he was pinching and kicking me as I did.

Just then the young man helping with children’s church arrived. He was supposed to do the story that morning, but when he was able to successfully coax Tony outside, I gladly covered for him. Actually, I probably taught one of my best object lessons ever. As soon as Tony was gone, all the children started acting shocked and saying things like, “Oh, did you see that? That was awful.” I quickly stopped them. “Yes,” I said, “it was, but we’re not going to talk about Tony. To behave that way at his age means he’s been terribly hurt and we’re not going to add to it. We’re just going to pray for him and claim him for Jesus, on the basis that Jesus said it was not his will that any be lost and He would give us anything we asked if it was according to his will.” So, as a class, we prayed for Tony and claimed him for Christ.

The next week Tony was back with a repeat performance, and when two children who had been absent the previous week began looking shocked, a 7 year old girl whispered, “It’s ok. We prayed for him. We claimed him for Jesus.” Oh, the faith of a child! But this week Tony stayed inside and listened to the lesson…in between outbursts.

The third week Tony again sat on the steps, but the outbursts were fewer and farther between and he listened more intently during the lesson. When I gave the invitation, he looked like he wanted to respond, but he didn’t. Because I felt he was ready, when I took a child who did respond back to a private room for canceling, I turned and added, “If anyone else wants to come and talk with me, just get up and come.” Tony came. I counseled with the other child first because I wanted full attention on Tony.

When I talked with Tony about sin, he broke out into a literal sweat. He did pray to receive Christ that morning, and after his prayed he breathed, “Whee!” He took his hand and wiped the sweat off his face, and his whole countenance changed from anger and pain to relief and peace. I never had another discipline problem with Tony. During Sunday school some of the other teachers often had problems, but they soon learned to send him to my class. I would move over, make room, and then motion for him to come sit down. He always listened intently to the adult lesson, and he grew by leaps and bounds.

I later learned that Tony’s mother had been married to or lived with 4 different men, and the last one had beat him severely. On top of that, he had been kidnapped by a stranger for a year, locked in a closet with a hole cut in the bottom of the door for a plate to pass through, and physically, emotionally and sexually abused. He was 9 years old. Is it any wonder he had so much anger, so much hurt that he didn’t know how to handle it? No wonder God had shown me to just love him. One day he told me that his screaming pink was a sign of rebellion, that it meant, “I don’t have to!” It wasn’t just a color to him, it was a way of saying something he had no other way to say. It was his cry for help.

When I share this story in my training classes, I use it as a part of the discipline lesson, stressing the importance of handling each situation individually and with prayer. How glad I was that I had stopped and prayed and asked God how to handle Tony . . . and He had given me his wisdom. James 1:5 reads, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

Please share this article with your friends, and ask them to share it with theirs. We lost touch with Tony 40 years ago. It would be wonderful to locate him and discover how he is doing.

Wilma’s book on reaching others for Christ, Hidden In My Heart, can be purchased through Amazon.

What Every “To Be” Minister’s Wife Should Know

When I mentioned the topic of this blog, “What Every ‘To Be’ Minister’s Wife Should Know” to my daughter (preacher’s kid for 30 years) and my sister, who was herself a minister’s wife for many years, they responded simultaneously with the exact same three words, “Don’t do it!” I laughed. We all laughed. “Really,” I said, “I want to write about the most important thing a ‘to be’ minister’s wife should know.” Again, they both teased, “Tell her not to do it.” I chuckled. They were funny, but realistically, telling someone who was called into the ministry to “Don’t do it” doesn’t work. The minister’s wife, just like the minister himself, is called by God to walk hand in hand with her husband in doing God’s work—ministering to and reaching souls for Christ.

So what advice would I give a “to be” minister’s wife? I would say, “Be yourself. Every member of your church will have their own idea of what your ministry should be, but you’ve got to ignore them and be the person God designed you to be. That’s the only way you will accomplish God’s purpose for your life.” Yet this same advice translates to all believers. God has blessed each of us with talents and at least one spiritual gift, and He has given us these talents and spiritual gifts for a reason. Those are the areas where He desired us serve, and only by serving Him in these areas can we fulfill his purpose for our life. For example, if He has given you musical talent, then make music. If He has blessed you with the gift of teaching, then teach; with organization, then organize; or with serving, then serve.

We should all—especially the minister’s wife because she can easily stumble into the do everything pit—be careful to not become too involved in the areas where God has not gifted us. This doesn’t mean that because our gift isn’t serving we should never help wash dishes or clean up after a church social. That’s just common courtesy. But it does mean that our focus should not be that area of service. Why? Because focusing our ministry in areas where we are not gifted, areas where we are not comfortable, will exhaust us both mentally and physically, and prevent us from whole-heartedly working where we do belong. This exhaustion will result in a ministry of meritocracy due to exhaustion, and someone else, perhaps that someone who was designed to do that job, will be forced to play the role God designed for us.

So my advice to the “to be” minister’s wife, as well as all Christians, is “Be yourself. You can’t do it all, so focus mostly in the areas where God has gifted you.” Only then will your church run like the well-oiled machine God intended.

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A Dangerous Mistake

Beetle 2When the cooler temperature of evening approaches near the mountains, beetles scurry from beneath every rock and cranny. While taking my evening walks, I kill as many of these garden-eating pests as possible, although I must admit I would not be able to accomplish this task nearly so well if it weren’t for my dog who walks with me. These beetles see our dog and freeze from fear, even though he is not the enemy, I am. Out of fear they lower their heads to the ground and raise their rear ends into the air in a defensive motion. Champ walks right on past, never giving them a second thought, but I don’t.

I have been amused at these beetles’ behavior for years, but only today did I relate it to the life of so many modern Christians. We fear those who twist the truth of God’s Word and call us mean and bigoted, yet those people are not the true enemy. Christians need to understand that it is Satan who has blinded the unbeliever’s eyes, causing them to believe they are on the side of right and Bible-believing Christians on the side of wrong. We must recognize that it is Satan, the originator and father of lies, who is the true enemy.

Do not hesitate to share God’s Word of salvation or present the truths found in the Scripture because they oppose what our culture calls politically correct? Our culture is not the ultimate enemy, nor are they the Ultimate Judge. Our God, the Creator of the universe, is the establisher of right and wrong. He is the Author of truth, the Person who will one day sit on the throne of judgment, and it is He who has commanded us to go and teach the message of salvation and present the truth of His Word to a lost and dying world.

Breaking Barriers

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Months of praying, planning, working and building relationships have come to fruition and ended in the greatest blessing I could have ever imagined. It is difficult to carry quietly in your heart the greatest message the world has ever known, a message of freedom and hope, and to remain shackled by the barriers that keep you from relaying this important message.

To cross seas and continents into the unknown, to face such uncertainty and possible risk, to daily love the enslaved you would set free, but to know that you are incapable of presenting your message or revealing to these beloved the hope that is so close to where they live is a great hardship. To know these beautiful women live in a hopeless shadow of darkness, a circle that repeats and continues again and again in their lives and the lives of their children, when Hope’s light shines less than a mile away and to remain without the ability to convey this truth or the knowledge of whether or not the opportunity will ever arise, is draining to say the least.

Yet, the simplest solution was found. We invited the girls whom we have developed relationships with in the main three pool bars to a ‘goodbye’ luncheon since Rachel and I will be returning home shortly. We had no idea how many would come or if any of the girls from the GoGo bars would come. Often in Thailand, when people do not want to offend, they say they will be there although they never actually intend to come. Many of the girls would not be able to come because they are working and the bar fee they have to pay to miss work is 500 Thai Bot ($17).

So the day of the party we spent the early morning helping Ann and the girls prepare food for the possible guests and then we ventured out to the pool bars to meet our friends. We paid 11 girls bar fines and 17 came to the party. Each of our close friends from the bars came. Each girl was told by the house mother or by the Thai girls living in the home what Beginnings was about. They learned that at Beginnings they would be offered a different lifestyle, education, a free home, and even a stipend to send to their families or to do whatever they want with while living under the Beginnings roof to make up for the money they would no longer be making in the bars. Now each of these girls has been introduced to Beginnings.

The party was such a success. Visitors from distant lands (US, Russia, Israel…) just happened to be at Beginnings on this crazy day. One made a ton of balloon hats, dogs, bikes and flowers for the girls. They paraded around and posed for tons of photos. They ate the free and delicious food and enjoyed Thai tea and other drinks. Then we spent hours painting each other’s nails. We even painted some of their toenails, which in Thai cultures would be demeaning for the person doing it. The feet are considered the most unclean part of the body and to lift one’s heel to another is the ultimate insult. So to get down on the floor and paint another’s toenails would show not only humility but strong friendship, love and honor.

It was nothing to me to paint my friends toenails, but it meant everything to her. I wonder what it was like for Christ the day he washed his disciple’s feet. I wonder if it was so easy for him to do because of his love for them. To them, it was unthinkable and Peter even tried to stop him from lowering himself in such a way. I bet to Christ it was nothing to love another so much—especially considering he lived and died for his disciples, even the one who betrayed him, and for the entire world.

Two of the women, very close friends of ours, stayed with us until dinner that night. They picked out the Eclipse DVD to watch and after seeing this sequel they desired also to watch the first movie, Twilight. I was amazed by the way they inhaled the love from the screen. I saw the craving in their eyes for such a love to exist in their own lives. It is expected for men here to cheat on their wives. It is common for a man to have a minor wife, which means a mistress. It is not even looked down upon. I cannot imagine living with the knowledge and expectation that my future spouse, the man I would love more than my own life and desire to give everything I have and am to, would be unfaithful and untrue to me—that he would have many women and I would simply raise his children and be nothing more to him than the woman who bore and raised his children.

Many times during this trip I was approached with different repulsive offers from men. But sex here is more like a commodity; it is just something that is done, not something that is personal or private. The truth: this is common all across the world. This great gift we have been given to be so intimate with another that our souls become one has been disgraced and turned from a great gift into an indifferent mediocre activity.

Despite this, I saw that in the depths of these women’s heart, they had a longing for a deep and unquenchable love that no fire or time could ever destroy or even begin to touch. I saw a pining in their lives they have tried to fill, a void that leaves an empty hole of agony in their hearts. Are they any different from the rest of us? We all have moments when we wonder: what is life about? What is the struggle and hardship for? Why do we endure day after day? Isn’t there more than this?

The answer: YES, there is more and it is found when Christ fills the void in our lives. He is the only one who can. No love of man can satisfy the fire that longs for the undeserving, unearned and unconditional love of THEE God who created us for a relationship with Him. No earthly man or thing will ever fill the void or erase the pain; only through a relationship with Christ can we find peace and be made whole again.

For these girls I do not know what the future holds. All I know is they have been loved by us and they are even more loved by God. Who knows what will happen in the future or what would bring them to change their course and live at Beginnings? But now they know hope exists and in their darkest hour they know they have a place to turn. Now they can tell others, any who would leave the lifestyle yet feel trapped and without alternatives.

Our purpose in coming to Thailand has been fulfilled. I praise God that He brought all this to fruition. I know that all I can do now is thank Him for the opportunity He blessed me with to come to this place, to learn much from and in this different culture, and to share His love and hope with these girls. I leave them in His capable hands. He is the savior. I am just the messenger and how the message is received does not matter so long as the message is delivered. Only God can change and heal the heart of man and it begins with this simple message of the love and grace of Christ.

Diggin’ up the Bible (The Bible and Archeology)

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“The Bible isn’t a history book, it’s a theological book,” a famous talk show host recently stated in a matter of fact manner while mocking a comment a man had sent to his email. I shouldn’t have been surprised, because even though this man claims to be a Christian many of his beliefs are contrary to the Bible. Sadly, he is only one among millions who have claimed to be a Christian yet have carried beliefs contrary to Scripture. Like this talk show host, many individuals professing Christianity believe the Bible is only a theological book, not a historical book.

This host was correct in the first part of his statement, the Bible is a theological book, but he is wrong in his belief that it is not historically accurate. His ignorance, professed on a national platform, frustrated me for days. How can someone pick and choose what parts of the Bible are accurate and what parts are not? How can the Bible be a theological book inspired by God, yet fail to be historically accurate?

As this comment was made, my mind traveled back to a Bible class I sat in many years earlier at Dallas Baptist University. My professor was pointing out how thousands of supposed “biblical errors and historical inaccuracies” had been eliminated one by one due to archeological finds until, at that time, there were only a few hundred left. His argument was—after thousands of supposed historical errors were proven false—why were these biblical critics still adamant against the possibility of the remaining supposed errors being false as well?

So how are we “Diggin’ up the Bible?” With the release of movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, most Americans have become more familiar with the historical science of archeology—the hunt for and study of ancient cultures. Like Indiana Jones, the hero of Raiders of the Lost Ark, an archeologist’s job is to carefully dig up relics and clues of the past in an attempt to reconstruct how ancient people lived, and although most Americans know what archeology is, many are unaware of what pushed this historical science to the forefront of this modern era. You see, archeology has been around for centuries, but it didn’t become a serious science until the 19th century, and regretfully, its main stimulant was to discover evidence in support of Darwin’s theory. Although archeology was thrust to the forefront with the purpose of proving Darwin’s theory true, many of its findings actually call the theory into question, and rather than digging up the missing link, one by one many of the biblical critics’ supposed errors and myths in the Bible are being eliminated.

It is also important to note that there are several rules that always apply when studying works of antiquity, and one of these rules is that the writing is always considered accurate until proven false. Yet when studying the Bible, this rule is not only eliminated, it is reversed. Everything within its pages are considered false until proven accurate. My question is, “Why is the Bible singled out and studied differently from any other ancient work, especially after so many of the people, places and events recorded within its pages have been verified?”

In the coming weeks I plan on writing about some of these supposed biblical errors and mythology that have been proven to be actual historical fact.