The Secret Cave

I’m excited! I’ve just finished my fourth youth fiction book of the series, The Heavenly Host Series. I absolutely love writing and can’t wait to get the fifth one finished!


You’ve got to Write those Stories Down

JoelMontes / Foter / CC BY-SA

Every parent wants their children to thrive among the best and brightest, and I was no different. But for my children to become their best, I knew they needed healthy minds and bodies. Nurturing their bodies was easy, but stimulating their minds was another story. I remember searching through multiple books looking for crafts, art projects and any other possible idea that would be fun and build their creativity. One of the best ideas I found was to tell “on-the-spot” stories from scratch. My children immediately loved this story time, not only because of the stories themselves, but because they gave me the beginning scenario. They would feed me a sentence or two and I would go from there.

When my youngest son began attending kindergarten, I began substituting at their school. One of the first classes I subbed in was my eldest son’s class, and apparently he had informed his peers that his mother told awesome stories because they immediately began begging for me to tell one. Being a bit leery about handling discipline issues in a school setting, I answered, “Okay. I’ll tell you a story, but only if everyone behaves themselves and after all assignments are completed for the day.”

What a remarkable bribery tool! There was not one discipline issue—which is unheard of for a beginning substitute—and all assignments were completed about forty minutes before the final bell rang. I remember gathering them around and then asking my son (because he was familiar with the process) to give me the opening sentence or two.

Word spread quickly and every class I substituted for requested a story. In just a few weeks the teachers, as well as some parents, were asking where they could purchase the book containing these stories. The kids had apparently retold them to their teachers and parents. When I explained that these stories could not be found in books, the normal response was, “Then you’ve got to write them down.”

. . . and that’s how The Heavenly Host Series began.

The Heavenly Host Series is available through Amazon. Book 1 is Jake and the Heavenly Host; Book 2 is Adventure in the Rockies; Book 3 is Terror in the Rockie; Book 4 (available in a few weeks) is The Secret Cave . . . with more on the way.