Buddism: A Religion of Slavery

Have you ever watched the sitcom series, “My Name is Earl”? In this series an ex con artist named Earl, due to a set of unusual circumstances, decides that karma is against him. The series centers on Earl’s attempt to fix his bad karma by making up for his previous evil deeds by righting individuals he has wronged. Karma, in this series, is presented in a humorous manner and no doubt causes multitudes of people to laugh, yet most of these individuals probably have no clue that the idea of karma is actually based on the biblical principle: what you sew you shall also reap. The difference: while the Bible teaches that you will reap what you have sown, Karma, as taught and practiced in the Buddhist religion, is the foundation for the belief of reincarnation and is no laughing matter. In fact, it has destroyed the lives of many.

When my daughter (Mary) approached me about traveling to Thailand for three months, a foreign country whose entire culture is centered on the Buddhist belief of karma, I cringed. Of course, my first concern was for her safety. With the evil enterprise of slave trafficking on the rise, a tall, slender and beautiful American visiting a country where slave trafficking is the norm was most frightening. I had to keep reminding myself that Mary was safer in God’s will in Thailand than out of his will at home.

From her experiences, I have learned much. First, I was appalled to discover that these precious souls were usually sold into this evil enterprise by their own families yet blame it on karma. As Mary wrote, “If she were born a boy, serving in the temple as a Monk for a few weeks would earn enough good karma to outweigh a lifetime of bad and would bring unfathomable honor to the family. But, as a woman, in a family that is either poor or simply wants more wealth and prestige, duty, honor and Buddha require the ultimate sacrifice, a life of abuse and slavery to provide for those very ones who are so demanding and yet so ashamed of her existence.”

Second, Buddhism destroys lives. Again Mary wrote, “Today, I witnessed tragedy in the eyes of a young prostitute as she wept before Buddha, begging health for her family who sent her to work the streets and forgiveness for her wretched state and cursed life. Society looks down upon her and even her family despises her. But this life is payment to Buddha for the bad karma earned in her previous life. She believes—because Buddhism teaches—that everything that happens to her has been earned by her own hand and is deserved. There is no such thing as mercy, only debt. In her mind, the only chance for peace and redemption lay in selling the one possession she has, her body, to take care of her family.”

“Or, maybe she is a wife whose husband wants more money, so each day she slaves to take care of her family and each night she is dropped off by her husband to work the street. It is not the status of the girl in a family that determines her fate, it is the desires of others and the status of a gender Buddha did not consider worthy of value or honor.”

Mary worked with these precious girls each evening. She said, “. . . they are animated and sweet. Then when they have to get up and dance on the stage naked or mostly naked with bright neon lights and mirrors filling the entire room, with all the men saying and doing various things, their faces turn into masks. . . . vacant eyes stare out from the faces that pray they will please Buddha enough in this life to have a better spot next go around . . . We see Buddha’s everywhere with food, drinks and incense surrounding them. The girls pray to be purified constantly and for forgiveness for the lives they are living.”

Don’t ever believe that all religions are the same, that it doesn’t really matter which one you follow because every religion leads to God. Buddhism is a religion straight from hell. Can you think of any worse type of slavery than to believe you must submit to sexual abuse for your religion’s sake? These ladies, oppressed and scorned by the world, pray and worship the very deity that enslaves them.

Mary commented, “I weep for this people who reject the Alpha and Omega for a tottering statue decorated by the creative mind of man. I smiled as I saw the foundations of the temple were cracked and God’s nature was peeking through, eager to overtake and pull down the lies and schemes of man. All this will pass away. Every lie will be exposed. Every idol built up by man, especially those built on the sweat and blood of others, will fall.”

“One day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess who is Lord and it will not be Buddha. One day . . . truth will reveal every lie and each falsehood will be destroyed. The innocent, weak, and poor will be oppressed no longer . . . but until that day both the oppressed and the oppressor need the love and grace of Christ for both are enslaved.”

In closing, thank God for organizations who carry the gospel to these precious souls who are living in darkness and abuse so they can hear about the God who loves them.


Two Great Men

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Two babies, both destined to be great by worldly standards, were born that day.  It was February 12, 1809.  One was born into poverty, the other into wealth; one into a family of lowly status, the other into society’s elite; one into true faith in the Creator, one into pretense of faith.  These two babies would grow into men separated by far more than the vast distance between their continents; they would be separated by the enormity of their differing world views.

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One would become such a man of faith that his knees would callus from bending in prayer to his Maker; the other would devise a theory to sway millions away from the Creator.  The man with callused knees would lead a nation with the concept of equality to all men and would push hard for that belief; the other, although himself against slavery, would popularize a world view that would enslave multitudes and cause the deaths of millions.  While one wrote a proclamation declaring equality for all men, the other wrote a book titled On the Origin of Species, with the subtitle of The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.  As one was fighting a war to free men of “dark skin” from slavery, the other called those with dark skin “degraded,” and declared he would rather have descended from a monkey than such a “savage.”  The first man would give his life to reunite a divided nation; the other would cause division not only in his own country, but also in all countries for centuries to come.

Two hundred years have now passed since the renowned day of their births. While the first man, President Abraham Lincoln, is celebrated as the leader who led a nation to abolish slavery because “all men are created equal”, the second man, Charles Darwin, is celebrated as the man who abolished the need for a Creator.

Ideas are not without consequences!   Abraham Lincoln’s ideas led to free men from slavery, while Darwin’s assumption that men evolved by random chance led Josef Stalin, a mass murderer of multitudes, to become an atheist as a young man while reading Darin’s works in seminary. Darwin’s ideas inspired Karl Marx, who offered to dedicate his book Das Kapital to Darwin, to state that Darwin’s theory “contains the basis in natural history for our view . . .”; and it influenced Hitler, a devout evolutionist who instructed his troops in evolution by providing them books by Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche, to the idea of inferior races and thus the slaughter of millions in an effort to speed the evolutionary process.  These Darwinian enthusiasts, some of the world’s most notorious and depraved leaders, along with Mao, Pol Pot, and other communist leaders, have murdered close to 100 million people, and all compliments of a theory which lessened the value of human life to an accident of random chance, thus no greater than that of any animal¹.

These two men, President Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin, great by worldly standards, left two vastly differing legacies.  How is it that the first, Abraham Lincoln, is briefly mentioned in many public classroom settings, while the other, Charles Darwin, a racist man who promoted racist ideas that led to and justified horrific, mass genocide, is frequently praised for “opening the minds of many”?

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¹Tom DeRosa, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit (Florida: Coral Ridge Ministries, 2006).
²Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, A Patriot’s History of the United States (Penguin Group, New York 2004).

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