Editing Your Life

I have a new book coming out soon. Actually, I have two. One is a comedy/adventure and is the third one of the Love From Above Series. The second one (which will actually be out first) is Treachery and the Innocent. I have edited both of these books over and over again in the past few months. I have even asked for editing assistance from others—a friend of mine (an English teacher who is very good at grammar), my son who is getting a PhD in biblical languages (which means he must first know the English language inside-out), and my daughter (an attorney and writer).

After everyone was finished editing, I thought I was finally ready to submit it to Blueink Review, but I was forced to wait because the cover wasn’t yet finished. While waiting, I decided to read it through one final time to make sure it was perfect. I found about 10 additional errors. When the cover still wasn’t finished, my daughter decided to read it through again. So far she’s found 7 mistakes. As they say, “Every editor needs an editor.” That’s because when you write the material, you know it so well that you begin to read in the mistakes or missing words.

While I was thinking about this today, and pondering if it will do any good for me to read the books again, I thought about how often Christians seem to “read in” the sins in our lives. Perhaps it’s the snide or snappy comment that slides from our mouth like honey from a honeycomb, or the judgmental thoughts that plague us like locusts, or the movies we watch that must be justified before we feel right about watching them. All of these are the “read in” sins we commit, sins that have become so natural we fail to recognize their sinfulness.

God is the author of what is right and wrong—not us, not our friends or family, and certainly not the world. God’s Word, and God’s Word alone, should guide our steps.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (1 Timothy 3:16).



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