Introduction to “Jake and the Heavenly Host”

Jake Book Cover Preview 1“We interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a special weather bulletin. A severe thunderstorm warning alert is now in effect for all of Fairfax, Montgomery and Prince counties. A travel advisory . . .”

“Oh, shoot!” Lieutenant Vance Coolie protested, leaning forward in his ’66 Mustang to switch off the radio. “I haven’t got time for this.” As he did a gust of wind caught the vehicle, nearly forcing it off the road.

“Well, Little Lady,” he said, talking to his car, “Looks like they’re gonna be right this time.”

Suddenly, he noticed a car parked along the side of the road a quarter of a mile ahead. Its hood was open and the emergency lights were flashing. A lovely, olive-complexioned woman stepped out from behind the vehicle, waving her arms for help.

What a horrible time to have car trouble. He pulled up behind the vehicle, turned off his engine, and stepped out. Walking toward the lady he asked, “May I be of some assistance?”

She smiled.

What a beautiful smile, he thought to himself.

“Thud . . .” The trees began swerving and everything grew black. Vance felt his body crumble as he began to lose consciousness.

“Thanks, Shema. You get out of here . . . before you’re seen!” Ishmael leaned over and kissed his cousin on the cheek. “Hurry now . . .”

As she turned to leave, a dark, navy-blue van pulled up beside Vance’s body. “Get him loaded . . . fast. I’ll attach the note.” Sixty seconds later the only evidence that a kidnapping had occurred was the note taped to the Mustang’s steering wheel.

(Introduction to the youth Christian series: The Heavenly Host Series available on

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