Evolution’s Timetable Altered Again

whale photoUnlike evolutionists, Bible believing Christians don’t constantly alter our belief system according to every new archeological discovery. Our belief is based upon God’s declaration of creation found in the first two chapters of Genesis. After all, He was the only One present during the creation of the world, therefore He’s the only One who knows how it truly happened.

Recently, in the Atacama region of Chile, four distinct layers of fossil marine mammals were unearthed. At least 40 water-filtering whales (minke, fin, seals, dolphins, sharks, and modern blue whales included) were unearthed on the edge of one of the driest deserts on the planet. Because this find didn’t fit with evolution’s timetable, the Proceedings of the Royal Society B had to alter their view. They decided that land animals, which were supposedly produced by sea creatures crawling out of the water and onto land, must have decided to crawl back into the water, where they “made incredible physiological and anatomical adjustments to their new aquatic life.” Keep in mind that there is no evidence to support this theory, it was merely devised in an attempt to squish this new find into evolution’s timetable.

This discovery also created several additional problems for evolutionists. First, how did this large variety of sea creatures all wash ashore and die at the same time, and second, why are their fossils so beautifully preserved—meaning why were their remains not destroyed by scavengers? Their conclusion: there were four different instances when these sea creatures were stranded, and they all supposedly died due to an algal bloom and were then washed ashore by a storm. The problems to their conclusions: the surrounding sediments does not support their theory, and why would an algal bloom suddenly kill such a wide variety of species. Also, during this period evolutionists teach the earth was supposedly in a tranquil state. Therefore, for this alteration to fit into their theory, they were forced to insert a short period of time (approx. 1600 years) into this “tranquil state” for storms to exist so these creatures could be washed ashore.

Now, if the biblical story of the great deluge, Noah’s flood, is true, there is no issue with this new find. Why? Because the natural result of a worldwide flood would be the sudden burial of all types of land and sea creatures, and these creatures would be buried under such a great pressure that their bones would fossilize. Also, many of these creatures would be buried in perfect condition—just as these sea creatures were found. In other words, creationists didn’t have to change a single belief to incorporate this new discovery.

For more information check: Institute for Creation Research’s publication, Acts & Facts, May 2014, Ancient Whale Graveyard Points to Genesis Flood, pg. 16


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