Feed My Lambs

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“Who is Jesus? I never heard of Him,” the eight-year-old girl exclaimed the first day she attended our Good News Club. After several weeks of hearing the story of salvation, she responded to the invitation to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. When my co-worker finished counseling with her, I heard her encourage, “Why don’t you tell Mrs. Daffern what you have done?” The little girl walked around the corner to where I stood. “Mrs. Daffern,” she began, “I knew I had sinned. I asked Jesus to forgive me and come into my heart.” Then with tears streaming down her face and the biggest grin I think I’ve ever seen, she added, “and I love Him so!” If I live to be a hundred and see many people find Christ, the testimony of that little girl will always be one of my favorite.

Yet the story doesn’t end there. Before we moved away, I was blessed to see her begin attending our local church, make a public profession of faith and receive baptism. Because of her testimony, her older sister and mother also began attending church. They too received Christ, were baptized and became members. But the story doesn’t end there. The last Sunday I attended that church before moving to another town, I was privileged to see her father attending with them.

Some of you may be wondering, “Can a child’s decision be real and lasting?” or “Is it really scriptural to lead children to Christ?” Please read Matthew 18 and note verse 2. “And Jesus called a little child unto him and set him in the midst of a group.” Also, in Mark 9:36 we’re told that Jesus, “held this child in His arms.” Verse 6 refers to these “little ones who believe in me.” The word used for “little ones” is the word micros. It is the same word we get our English word microscopic from. It means exceedingly small or microscopic. Jesus was talking about a young child, and the fact that He picks the child up and holds him in his arms tells us that this child was probably not over six years of age. Finally, Jesus forever settled the question of whether a little child can believe when He said, “little ones who believe in Me” (Matthew 18:6 KJV). Note the words “believe in me.” These are the same words used in John 3:16. “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Me shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life.” Very certainly Jesus was talking about this little micros child as having a saving faith—the same faith that provides everlasting life to all who are true believers/Christians.

Jesus takes the salvation of a child even one step further when He warns in Matthew 18:6 that it would be better for us to be “drowned in the deepest sea than to offend one these little ones.” I can’t think of a better way to offend a child than to tell them—when God’s Spirit is convicting them of their sin and drawing them to Him—that they are not old enough to come. God forgive us for the children who could have been reached, but weren’t because we thought they were too young.

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7 thoughts on “Feed My Lambs

    • You’re welcome, and thanks for commenting on the blog. I do want you to know that I post both my blogs (Rockie Sue) and my mom’s (Wilma Daffern). I accidently posted her blog last night on my site. I reposted it on her site, but because you were so quick on the draw and had already commented on it before I noticed my mistake, I didn’t want to delete it off my site. It was her teacher training that I took about 40 years ago that encouraged me to work with children for the first 35 years of being a minister’s wife. I eventually ended up teaching youth and adults, but I very much miss working with children. If the Lord hadn’t changed my course of direction, I would still be teaching them today. Mom’s site is wilmadaffern.workpress.com. She has spent her life teaching children’s church, multiple Good News Clubs and adult teacher training classes. Please check out her site. She’s obviously not of the technology age, but it would be encouraging for her to have a few comments on her site too. She is going to continue posting on reaching children for Christ … with numerous true illustrations of stories that happened along the way. Her blog, “Isn’t Pink a Color?” is one of those stories and certainly worth reading. Thanks again… RockieSue

  1. Reminds me of the smile I saw after my young son had walked up the steps so sadly after being confronted by his older brother and sister because he had not accepted Christ yet. I prayed for him as he walked up the steps concerned about the strong stand my older kids had taken with him. I was wondering what to say to him. At the top of the steps he turned with that Christ filled joyful smile and said, I accepted Christ! He has continued to love the Lord ever since!
    My daughter also surprised me years earlier while I was driving near a grocery store when she was three. She ask if the cement columns on the grocery store building were like the temple columns. I answered her, “yes!” while thinking they had a few similarities in that they were tall and and helped hold up the building. She asked something about where the temples are today. I explained in a few words somehow that now God allows our heart to be His temple if we just asked him into our hearts. I was excited to have a beginning teaching moment and expected to continue training her for years. I looked over and she looked like she was sleeping so I thought I had bored her to sleep with too deep a conversation for her young age. Suddenly, she looked up at me and said, “I asked Jesus to come into my heart.” I almost jumped as I realized the living God was very real active inside her heart beyond anything I had ever or could ever train train her to understand. She has loved the Lord for about 35 years now and she is sharing that love with my grandkids. God is not dead! He is alive and ready to enter any willing heart who realizes the need for Him and His forgiveness. Makes my heart smile to think of these precious memories and pray for what He is doing in all His Kids hearts including those that might ask Him to come on after reading these stories!

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