Darwin’s “Trail of Tears” Continues

ニコール / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

When you read Darwin’s autobiography, it is easy to see that he would never have supported men like the Columbine kill­ers; nor would he have given his stamp of approval to murderous tyrants like Hitler. He seems an everyday, loving husband and father. So where did he go wrong? How did this everyday man devise a theory that would influence two young men to go on a shooting rampage and godless world leaders to slaughter millions? The answer to this question stems directly from Darwin’s blatant denial of the existence of a Supreme Being, which then caused a dilemma. If “in the beginning” God didn’t create, then where did life come from? Darwin knew the only way to justify his atheism was to devise another means by which life came into existence—a means that left God out. Natural selection was the answer to both dilemmas; it allowed the abandonment of God and gave an alternative means for the creation of life. Once developed, his theory not only helped to settle his own atheistic mindset, it gave those who wished to denounce a divine Creator the intellec­tual means to justify their unbelief, and it provided the foundation for tyrants like Hitler to slaughter millions—thus Darwin’s Trail of Tears.

Yes, beliefs do have consequences! Regretfully, Hitler was a prime example of the consequences of Darwin’s teaching. He was totally indoctrinated in evolution, even to the point of providing his troops with books by Darwin and Friedrich Nietzsche in hopes of influencing them toward his belief of inferior races. But why? Why would he care what his troops believed? Well, how else do you brainwash hundreds and thousands of soldiers, many husbands and fathers themselves, into believing the mass murder of millions—women, children and babies included—is moral? It is impor­tant to note here that Hitler’s extreme prejudice toward certain races wasn’t merely an innocent byproduct of Darwin’s theory that others pinned to Darwin’s name; it originated with Darwin himself when he drew his tree of life and theorized that good would come from death by way of natural selection, it was promoted by Darwin when he classified black Africans, Australian Aborigines, and Tasmanians on the lower limbs of his evo­lutionary tree, and it was practiced by Darwin when he referred to those with dark skin as “degraded,” saying he would rather have descended from a monkey than such a “savage.” Darwin even pre­dicted that one day the “civilized” races would rise up and exterminate the “sav­age” races. Sound familiar?

Darwin’s assumption that men evolved by random chance also led Josef Stalin, the mass murderer of multitudes, to become an atheist as a young man while reading his works in seminary. It inspired Karl Marx, who offered to dedicate his book Das Kapital to Darwin, to state that Darwin’s theory “contains the basis in natural history for our view . . .” These Darwinian enthusiasts, some of the world’s most notorious and depraved leaders, along with Mao, Pol Pot and other communist leaders, have murdered close to 100 million people, and all compliments of a theory which lessened the value of human life to an accident of random chance, thus no greater than that of any animal (Tom DeRose, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit, 2006).

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