Is There Evidence of Noah’s Catastrophic Flood?

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Second Peter 3:3-6 teaches that in the end time man would intentionally deny special creation by the spoken Word of God, as well as Noah’s global flood. Why? Why would man feel the need to deny there having once been a global flood? I can easily understand why he would deny special creation, but why would he deny the story of Noah’s deluge? Why would it matter whether or not there was once a global catastrophic flood that destroyed the whole face of the earth?

Really, the answer is quite simple. If such an awesome catastrophic event is history, then billions of plants and animals would have been rapidly and randomly buried with water, mud, and pressure, immediately beneath the earth’s surface, causing billions and billions of fossils mixed without order or cause. And that’s the problem. If a global flood did produce these enormous amounts of randomly placed fossils, then Darwin’s theory of millions of years didn’t. Also, Darwin taught that the oldest of all living creatures would be fossilized in the lowest levels of the earth; while the newest and most recent of creatures would appear in the upper most levels. But what do we find beneath the earth’s surface? Remember the Cambrian Explosion? It counters Darwin’s theory because it reveals billions of creatures fossilized in a random, confusing manner, just as you would expect had they been caused by a global flood. Thus the Cambrian Explosion literally turns Darwin’s tree of life upside-down, yet amazingly enough it fits perfectly with the evidence of there having once been a great catastrophic flood.

In Encounters with the Unexplained, a video produced by Grizzly Adams Productions Inc., the following statement is recorded by a government scientific organization: We see over 22 unique features on our planet which can now be systematically explained as the result of a cataclysmic global flood whose waters erupted from subterranean chambers (Genesis 7:11) with an energy release exceeding the explosion of 10,000,000,000 hydrogen bombs.  Some of these features include the mid-oceanic ridge, the continental shelves and slopes, the ocean trenches and rings of fire, the oil and coal deposits, the Ice Age, herds of frozen Mammoths (result of sudden ice age), the major mountain ranges paralleling oceanic ridges, strata and layered fossil, earthquakes, magnetic variations on the ocean floor, submarine canyons, methane hydrates, overthrusts, volcanoes and lava, geothermal heat, limestone, metamorphic rock, plateaus, the Moho, salt domes, changing axis tilt, and the jigsaw puzzle fit of the continents. 

Additional Evidence:
1) There are at least 272 stories from every culture around the world that speak of a global flood, and although the details often vary, these stories always refer to a man named Noah (or similar name) who was saved from the flood to repopulate the earth. If it were a local or “calm” event, its occurrence would have faded away into history without much notice. Instead, these stories have been passed down as actual history for millennium.
2) The flood account is found on Babylonian, Acadian, and Samarian tablets now housed in the British museum. These tablets date back to 700 B.C.
3) Ancient Chinese accounts that date back even further than the tablets in the British museum.
4) In the mid 1800’s, George Smith began piecing together some 25,000 pieces of clay tablets unearthed in the city of Nineveh and dating back to the 6th century B.C. In 1872 Smith came upon the account of an ancient ship paralleling the biblical account of Noah’s Ark. These tablets became known as the Gilgamesh Tablets.
5) There have been over 100 sightings of Noah’s art on Mt. Ararat dating from the 5th century B.C. to 1990 A.D. These sightings include such historians and explorers as Josephus, Eusebius, Marco Polo, and a good number of U.S. military personal. B.J. Corbin’s book titled The Explorers of Ararat record and detail these sightings.
6) The genealogical records of many European kings can be traced back to Japheth, one of Noah’s three sons.
7) Analysis of population growth confirms a zero population at the estimated time of the flood.
8) Civilization seems to have originated in the Ararat/Babylon region, exactly where the Bible story places Noah and his family when they left the ark.
9) The Ice Age started very quickly, and this would have required a cataclysmic event such as a global flood to trigger such rapid climatic change. A slow, gradual decrease in temperature as evolutionists teach would have produced a very cold earth, but not an icy earth. (Herds of frozen Mammoth)
10) Fossil graveyards are found worldwide, and in rocks of all ages. Only a catastrophic global flood could have achieved this.
11) Marine fossils can be found on the crests of mountains alongside land animals.
12) The sudden dying out of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Herds of adult dinosaurs fossilized, but no young or babies. Why? The young couldn’t keep up with the adults when they were fleeing from the rising waters.

Additional information can be found through Amazon by ordering Creation Versus Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Study and Creation Versus Evolution: A Biblical and Scientific Study for Youth.

Written by Rockie Fordham, author of It’s Hard to Drain the Swamp When Yer up to Yer Ears in Alligators! also available on Amazon.


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